BEL-60 Satellite Truck

Build for single or dual carrier

The New BEL-60 is a single antenna uplink vehicle. In its standard configuration, it comes with 3 x Ateme encoders and 3 x RX8200 decoders.

  • 2 x HPA 400W on a 1.6m antenna.
  • UPS Power and Honda generator are backup for the 32A triphase external power connection.
  • Fiber connectivity, Dolby-E and large multiviewer.
  • UPS 6 KVA , 3 channel 4wire, Spectrum Analyzer minmax hold, extra place for producer/coordinator
  • Ready to show up on every major event thanks to its IEC Electrical certification.


Dual uplink Truck

Build for major live events

Our large dual antenna uplink truck is a highend solution for large events. With its main 2.6m antenna combined with the 1.5m Swedish Gregorian offset, it is able to provide flexibility and reliability. Furthermore, it has an onboard diesel generator and 15 KVA of UPS power with seamless switch-over.

A comfortable working place for producers/coordinators on site as well as 3 air conditioning units. Due to the flexibility in capacity, this truck can be adapted to the nature of the event, without compromises.

Base Equipment
  • 4 full option encoders
  • 2 backup encoders
  • 6 decoders
  • 5 modulators DVB-S2
  • 1 + 1 Mux
  • IP or ASI
  • Dual Antenna
Extra features
  • Remote manageable
  • Internet connection
  • Workplaces for producers
  • IEC 60364-7-717
  • Certificated
  • Stationed in the heart of Europe
Many high-end events, from millions to billions of viewers:

  • Tour de France
  • UEFA
  • UCI WC Cycling
Physical information
  • Belgian reg. Plate 1-SBP-417
  • Generator 25 KVA
  • UPS 15 KVA
  • 8.30m x 2.55m x 3.6m
  • Weight 11.000 kgs

Detailed Summary

Uplink Chain

  • Primary antenna Vertex 2.6m – 50.4 dBi
  • Primary antenna can simultaneously uplink vertical and horizontal
  • Secondary antenna SweDish 1.5m Gregorian (equals 1.8m) – 45 dBi
  • Primary HPA chain redundant 300w with phase combiner to 600w
  • Secondary HPA chain redundant 400w
  • Callsigns BEL-001 & BEL-055

Encoding / Modulation / Decoding

  • 8 x Full HD encoding
  • 6 x RX8200 Mediakind decoding
  • 2 x DR8400 Ateme decoding
  • Mattis aptent malesuada sodales etiam.
  • 4 x Newtec Azimuth DVB-S2 modulator
  • 2 x Harmonic Mux
  • Novelsat NS3 modulator and demodulator
  • DVBS-S2 & DVB-S2X modulation

Extra features

  • 26 KVA Diesel generator
  • 15 KVA seamless UPS power
  • 3 air conditioning units
  • Remotely controllable, can be combined setup with our MCR offers
  • Electrical certification IEC 60364-7-717
  • AVID recording, TS Analyzer, Dolby-E, BISS and BISS-CA
  • Up to 20 ASI-IP-ASI Gateways by Evertz
  • Remotely accessible self-designed monitoring system


  • Up to 20 in/out 3G fiber connections
  • OpticalCON MTP 12 channel fibers Tactical (3x300m)